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AS Level
A revision pdf
Blood Pressure
A revision pdf showing determinants of blood pressure
Cystic Fibrosis A simple revision pdf
Gene Screening: Ethical Notes
Useful for AS & the synoptic unit
Eukaryotic & Prokaryotic Cell Comparison A revision pdf
Protein Trafficking A revision pdf
CHD: Risk factors & treatments A revision pdf
Tricky vocab from topics 3&4 Some difficult words from said topics
A2 Level
Anaerobic Respiration
A revision pdf
Breathing & Heart Rate
A revision pdf on measurement & control of breathing + heart rate
DNA fingerprinting A revision pdf
Immune System
A flow diagram with interactions of the specific immune system
Mitochondria vs. Chloroplasts Large (and rather pretty) revision pdf
Rhodopsin Action A revision pdf
Zoos Essay debating the value of zoos
Synoptic Unit
2009 Article Unit 6
A copy of the Unit 6 synoptic article, with PDF comments highlighting and explaining key, interesting or difficult bits.
Salient points from 2009 Synoptic Article
A summary of the most important points from each paragraph
Bumper Unit 6 Revision Pack Synoptic notes for ALL MODULES FROM BOTH YEARS + the above two files concerning the article
Mr Ellis's Reading List
Recommended books
Blood Pressure
Worth reading so you know what you are being assessed on!
Fascinating talks on a wide variety of subjects
How... stuff... works
pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/ Good site on evolution
Productivity blog
ecogeek.org Ecoscience blog
stuckincustoms.com Spectacular photography
opensourceshakespeare.com Great resource: searchable plays
askabiologist.com An interesting biologists's forum
learn.genetics.utah.edu Excellently designed genetics site
philosophy.hku.hk/think/ Interesting resource for critical thinking
scirus.com Google for scientistss
chemguide.co.uk The best chemistry revision site around: immensely useful
touchspin.com/chem Awesome interactive periodic table
plos.org The public library of science...!